Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Damp breath; slow and sweet.
I inhale in your left over oxygen,
Sipping on the essence of you.
Your body becomes smooth sand,
Engrained in the indents of my fingers,
As I clasp it before
It falls through the hourglass
In an effort to gain more time.
Our fingers embrace in prayer
As silence takes our
Heartbeats and harmonizes them with
The fan, the occasional slam of a door.
We wait,
For sunrise slipping in the room
Beneath the curtain,
The tendrils of day
Ripping us away
From each other.


  1. Enchanting and heart-breaking. Welcome to Poets United.

    Herb Alyette.

  2. I really enjoyed this, and loved the line. . .
    "The tendrils of day"

    Wonderful! I am off now to read more.

    Good to meet you. :-)

  3. Wow, lovely writing.

    I hope you enjoy Poets United. I'm new myself and am thoroughly enjoying being part of this poetic community. Nice to meet you.


  4. This is beautiful and so heart-felt. I loved each line and your usage of words with such depth.

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