Thursday, September 23, 2010

I have stretched my heart across the ocean,
Blood vessels strung along, tied together by
Arteries whose thick life carries the red and
White cell phone calls,
Skype messages, emails, and texts.

But it has grown
Thin as it stretched,
Not making the heart fonder
But smaller,
More transparent,
Pulled in so many
Directions that even
If it
It wouldn’t know which way to snap to.

So it snaps

It is flung toward the sun,
That should be a settling thought
Except for the fact that you don’t know
How far it is going to go
And the fact that the sun
Will burn the exposed muscle.

So I think it
I focus my heart into
The ground,
Into the cool dirt,
Wondering what roots have hidden here
Until they were ready for the sun.

And I wait.

Perhaps you have waited. You have
Sat, crouched until your legs grew so restless
That they ached
To move,
And suddenly
You moved
Before you were
That you
Were moving.

And my heart moved.
It rolled over,
It pushed up,
It was shocked back into life
By the rain and the rays of the sun.

No longer would it burn
But it would eat the sun,
Working photosynthesis
In with the blood
And cracking the soil from the veins.

But this time,
It held onto the Earth,
Onto where it was growing from
Until it was ready to move.

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